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With decades of experience and knowledge, Akro-Mils, a Myers Industries, Inc. company, has been offering a huge catalogue of storage, organisation and transport solutions that increase material handling efficiency and reduce transit costs. Based in Akron, Ohio, Akro-Mils has been serving as an industry leader since 1947. Read More


Material Handling


Material Handling Filter

Attached Lid Containers

Industrial-grade reusable and stackable lid containers with textured bottoms for a slip-resistant grip. Ideal for shipping, distribution and order picking applications

Attached Lid Container, 12 Gallon, Clear/Blue
Item: AF4KAX
Model: 66486CLDBL
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Bin And Box Accessories

Includes storage equipment accessories such as bin cups, lids and rails; label holders, and hanging brackets and straps

Lid, Grid Container
Item: AA2ADW
Model: 33023
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Suspension Strap, Hang Storage Cabinet, Pack Of 2
Item: AA2AFT
Model: 98400
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Lid, Grid Container
Item: AA8EJE
Model: 33011
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Lid, Grid Container
Item: AA8EJF
Model: 33061
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Large Bin Cup, 5 Inch Length, 2-3/4 Inch Width, 3 Inch Height
Item: AB3MXA
Model: 30102
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Louvered Floor Rack Dolly, 4 Inch Caster
Item: AB3PAT
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Multi Load Tote, 1/8 Cup, Yellow
Item: AC8GCG
Model: 38008YEL
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Label Holder, 5-3/4 Inch Length, 4-3/4 Inch Width, Pack Of 6
Item: AC9NTG
Model: 35010
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Bin Lid, Clear

Bin Lid, Clear

Item: AD6PGE
Model: 30211CRY
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Small Bin Cup, 2 Inch Length, 3-1/4 Inch Width, 3 Inch Height
Item: AD9LNB
Model: 30101
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Bin Rail, 47-3/4 Inch Width, 3 Inch Height, Steel
Item: AE8XJT
Model: 30148
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  • InSight Bin Lids
  • InSight Bin Lids
  • InSight Bin Lids

InSight Bin Lids

Item (3)
Insight Bin Lid, 10-1/2 Inch Length, 5-3/8 Inch Width, 3-1/4 Inch Height, Pack Of 6
Item: AE8XMZ
Model: 305B2
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Extended Label Holder, Shelf Bin, 10 Degree, Black, Pack of 24
Item: AF4FXX
Model: 40410
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Label Holder, Wire Shelving, Clear, Pack Of 25
Item: AH6ZZL
Model: 29306
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Bin Cabinets

All-welded, powder coated steel cabinets featuring a keyed handle with a 3-point locking mechanism. Louvered panel variants also available

Bin Dividers

Used to create compartments in a bin to increase and customise storage space. Available in hanging, insight, shelf bin, stacking bin, shelf drawer and tote divider variants

  • Stacking Bin Dividers
  • Stacking Bin Dividers
  • Stacking Bin Dividers
  • Stacking Bin Dividers+9
Item (12)
  • Bin Dividers
  • Bin Dividers
  • Bin Dividers

Bin Dividers

Item (3)
  • Shelf Bin Divider
  • Shelf Bin Divider
  • Shelf Bin Divider
  • Shelf Bin Divider+2
Item (5)
Bin Divider, 10-13/32 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7EQV
Model: 40224
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Bin Divider, 14-1/8 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7EQW
Model: 40234
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Bin Divider, 17-5/32 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7EQX
Model: 40260
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Bin Divider, 1/8 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7EQY
Model: 41230
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Bin Divider, 1/4 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7EQZ
Model: 41250
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Bin Divider, 1/4 Inch Length, Black, Pack Of 6
Item: AF7ERA
Model: 41270
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Bin Rail Systems

Heavy-duty steel racks designed to hang and stack multiple AkroBins and InSight Bins, resulting in optimal space utilisation and increased material handling efficiency. Available in single- and double-sided pick rack models

One Sided Rail Rack, 53 Inch Height, 36 Inch Length, 250 Lbs. Capacity
Item: AC8GTH
Model: 30008
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Single Sided Bin Rail Unit, 48 Bins, Clear
Item: AD3NRA
Model: 30016240SC
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Mobile Bin Cart, 24 Inch Width, 36-1/2 Inch Height, 250 Lbs. Capacity
Item: AE6ZFU
Model: 30-812
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Two Sided Rail Rack, 36 Inch Length, 53 Inch Height, 500 Lbs. Capacity
Item: AE7JGZ
Model: 30016
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About Akro-mils

Akro Mils is a leading manufacturer of various industrial storage and material handling products. The Akro Mils Storage product line includes cabinets, louvered systems, bins, containers, shelving systems, and nest and stack totes. Offered in both plastic and metal variants, the storage cabinets by Akro Mils are ideal for a secure, dust-free storage and organisation of all kinds of industrial supplies. The company also offers a broad range of cabinet and cart accessories, such as lids, bin dividers and label holders, for better space utility and improved accessibility. The Akro Mils Bins range includes durable and rust-resistant shelf bins, hang and stack bins, drawer bins and giant hopper bins. These bins are made of high-quality industrial-grade plastic and offer great durability against continuous rough handling. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these material handling and storage products, as well as other material transportation products, such as platform trucks, hand trucks, dollies and mobile carts.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Akro-Mils part numbers often cross-individual reference to the equivalent Quantum Storage and Lewisbins part numbers. So, if you're looking for a competitor bin that is either out of stock or obsolete, chances are we have the equivalent Akro-Mils item available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies offers Akro's complete range of bins and can recommend suitable bin configurations for Akro-Mils' cabinet range. Choose from several pre-configured bin cabinets that come supplied with bins in a range of colour options. ESD suitable options can also be offered.


Akro-Mils products on average tend to be bulky and not suitable for courier shipment. Bins ship in a case of 6 pieces and do not fit inside each other so dimensional weight is high. Other products such as bin cabinets and carts will ship strapped to pallets and are suitable for air or sea freight.

Major Trade Names

Akro-mils Competitive Advantages

Coloured-Coded Akro-Mils Storage Bins

Most Akro Mils bins are available in multiple colours for easy identification purposes. This gives you an instant visual cue of where the item is likely to be located. Also, prevent cross-contamination in food-processing facilities or distinguish plumbing from electrical supplies in a maintenance room, using these Akro Mils storage equipment.
Hospitals or medical facilities use colour-coded storage bins to identify a wide range of products ' ranging from hazardous waste to different medication.

Is Powder Coating Just Hype?

The majority of Akro-Mils storage bins, drawers and dividers come powder coated for delivering durable material handling solutions. The powder coating bond on these Akro Mils bins also prevents textures from wearing off.

  • Superior durability in material handling equipment with the highest quality possible
  • Unlike paint, it doesn't drip or run; maintains a more vibrant colour for longer than its counterpart.
  • Facilitate gloss, matte and textured finishes
  • Non-volatile
  • Zero VOC composition
  • More environmentally friendly than wet paint
  • Overspray can be retrieved; negligible waste

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Akro-Mils products manufactured?

Most of the company's products are manufactured in Ohio, United States.

Is Akro-Mils an independently-owned company?

Akro-Mils is owned by Myers Industries, an NYSE-listed company that also owns brands like Buckhorn and Jamco.

What standards / certifications do Akro-Mils products qualify for?

The company's shelf kits are NSF-certified. Also, some AkroBins items are ESD-safe, which means that these storage bins are made from electrostatic dissipative materials.

Are Akro-Mils storage products environmentally friendly?

Akro-Mils EarthSaver AkroBins and Shelf Bins satiate the eco-friendly demands of customers. These units are moulded of high-impact polypropylene (100% recycled plastic) that can outlast any corrugated bins, thereby reducing your replacement costs.

What if I can?t find the Akro-Mils product I need online?

If you have an Akro-Mils item you need such as a bin or divider, simply email us the picture of your existing product or send a link or screenshot of the Akro-Mils item required. Our team will respond and offer the correct product.