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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance


High-quality disposable funnels designed to reduce mess and product loss while filling small containers such as tubes, bottles or flasks. Made from SBS virgin cardstock paperboard and have a maximum capacity of 50 Ounces. Certain models also feature an innovative backrest for hands-free use.

    Fast Funnel is a manufacturer of funnels, fast filters, pan liners and dispensers for applications in power plants, laboratories and kitchens. The brand's disposable funnels are made of coated, heavy grade paper stock and can be used with virtually all liquids and powders. These fast funnels have a compact design which makes them easy to store in a drawer, glove box, toolbox or pocket and remain clean until opened. They also help to keep the environment clean by reducing spills, chemical clean-up and wasted paper. A wide selection of funnels is available on Raptor Supplies.